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Does Nash need a sales tax increase?

April 29th, 2008 . by admin

Last night, we were honored to have Dr. Michael Sanera from the John Locke Foundation to discuss the proposed sales tax increase in Nash County. If you’d like to read the report we were discussing, please download the PDF here.

Does Nash need a sales tax increase? (PDF 296 k)

Also we discussed how the county spends our money “educating” the public, which usually turns out to be a promotion for a YES vote. On the Building For Education website, web site, you’ll see “Vote for the Kids”, which is an obvious promotion of a YES vote. The phone number goes to a Nash Public Utilities Office. Clearly, this is not kosher with the law, according to Dr. Sanera, and crosses the line from education to promotion. I’m researching this for sure and will hope to have it posted before the vote happens.  Keep reading…

If you read the Q & A Page on the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners web site,, you’ll see this paragraph.

Question: Can a county spend public money educating citizens on issues related to the local option revenue sources and the referendum process?
Answer: Yes. Similar to an election for a general obligation bond, a county may spend money to educate the public on issues related to either of the new local option revenue sources. However, a county may not spend money asking the voters to approve a sales tax or land transfer tax referendum.

So, do you think the digital LED billboards (which are at least $1000/month and they’re being advertised on at least 2 billboards), bumper stickers, signs and the web site, which link to a Nash County Public office phone line constitute “asking” for a YES vote? I think it does…

Click the image to see the image being used for the overall “education” campaign.

Building For Education Screen Shot

The Building For Education Committee needs to find a new phone number that isn’t taxpayer-funded to answer questions about promoting a sales tax increase.

Vote NO on May 6 in regards to the Sales Tax Increase for Nash County.

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