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Now Obama wants to destroy industry

November 2nd, 2008 . by Robert

Just when you think a candidate can’t come up with a more destructive, wasteful, and unneeded program, in rides the ONE with a scam to bankrupt an industry that helps fuels productivity in this nation. Obama thinks nothing of ushering in the new carbon cap and trade scheme that will result in destroying or bankrupting (as Obama says laughingly) the coal industry. It’s all fine and well to explore alternative technologies but when you destroy one industry under the ridiculous plan of having the industry being destroyed finance the development of new technology there seems to be a missing cog… as the coal industry is being destroyed there will be an ever decreasing source of funding with which to develop the new technology. I guess this is the typical slave master mentality where the slave is worked to death. The big problem is when you run out of slaves. Looks like Obama plans to run through the supply of slaves pretty quickly!

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