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Rocky Mount, NC Institutes a Green Policy

February 5th, 2009 . by admin

Well, the City of Rocky Mount has come up with a green policy to pay people that produce more energy than they need and sell the overage back to the City.  The City will reimburse you 2.4 cents per kWh produced and with partnership with NCGreenPower providing .15 cents per kWh produced.  Right now, I’m trying to confirm this and some other questions.

But don’t expect a shining knight on a white horse to save you on this one.  There is a 2 page checklist (PDF) of things you’ll have to do before you can start collecting from the City of Rocky Mount’s Green Energy Policy.  So I went around the Internet to some of my favorite and most trusted sites to help people in Rocky Mount, NC and all of our Internet readers with saving on their electric bills, while doing it on the cheap (or cheaper than paying for high utility rates). – This site is made for the DIY people.  It’s got a LOT of information on how to minimize your energy usage using the least amount of dollars. HIGHLY Recommended site.

Backwoods Home Magazine – This magazine is a must-have and I’ve subscribed to it for several years.  Our local bookstore used to carry it, but the publisher of the magazine said newsstand sales were costing too much.  It’s worth the $24.95/year subscription.  My business, Deep Creek Survival gives away a FREE subscription with $300 or more an order.  Check their link pages for more links like these.

Backwoodsman Magazine – Ok.  This magazine deals with a lot of 18th and 19th century living, primitive living skills and what not, but there are many times in it’s hallowed pages of goodness articles on heating and doing things the good ol’ fashinoned way.  Our local bookstore carries it, but the subscription rate is great.

Lehaman’s Non-Electric Catalog – This is THE place to get anything non-electric. Based out of Ohio, in a heavily-populated community of the Amish, they have a fantastic array of items for self-sufficient living.  You can see a photo of their store on the web site with the parking lot full of Amish buggies.  It’s a site, I’ll tell you.  Send them $5 for a catalog or browse online.

Cumberland General Store – Based in the beautiful Tennessee mountains, the Cumberland General Store has everything fit for man and beast.  Lots of old-timey items are found here, much like Lehman’s.

Mother Earth News – This magazine can get a little out of hand on the global warming theory, but overall they present good information on how to save on energy and live wisely.  Check their web site out.

Back Home Magazine – Great magazine with lots of information of living simpler.  The current issue out in our local bookstore has a lovely, modern-looking strawbale house. – This site has lots of free tutorials for the beginner on up to the advanced user.   There are online calculators for figuring up how much energy used based on appliances and the amount of time they’re used.  Great for finding out how much a solar power system or wind turbine will have to handle for daily usage. – Great site with lots of great information and books.  These folks live 12 miles from the nearest powerline and provide all their own electricity needs.  I particurlarly fond of the Wood-Fired Steam Engine 2KW Backup Battery Charger.  I really would like to make one of those.  It even has a steam whistle!

Home Power Magazine – The name says it all.  They deal with more than just solar and wind, but hydropower and more.

I’ll put more links up as I find them, but this should help you get started.  I’ll also post back what I find out from Mr. Worsinger on a couple of questions I sent him regarding this program and federal laws.


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