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Spur of the moment???

September 5th, 2009 . by Robert

Are we expected to believe that the President’s address to the nation’s school children is a spur of the moment talk and can’t be finalized or released until Monday – the day before it’s to be given? The preliminary reports on this indicated that it was to be a plea to the school children to help the president – with what exactly wasn’t revealed. Now with the backlash from parents and school districts, Mr. Obama’s speech writers may be retuning the talk to avoid accusations of attempts to brainwash our children. The President addressing school children on the importance of education, staying in school, studying hard, etc. is a good thing. A president co-opting children to sway parents to embrace the health care take-over, global warming, Iranian nukes, or any other contrived agenda is just dead wrong.

We all need to read the released talk on Monday and if it contains any political agenda we should demand that it not be shown in our child’s school and failing that, demand that our children be excused from being forced to watch.

Government prescribed curriculum has already diminished the quality of education and has likely lead to some of the societal issues we see in the younger generation.

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