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We may, but we may not; we will, but maybe we won’t

December 3rd, 2009 . by Robert

Senator “Don’t Call me Ma’am” Boxer or should that be Senator “I’m heavily invested in businesses that stands to gain from any Cap and Trade legislation” Boxer. Either way, the Senator has once again shown her hideous and corrupt underside by trying to shoot the messenger and ignoring the urgent message. Yes, the stealing of email is criminal and I won’t try to justify that act; however, the more criminal acts are the deceptions taking place about global warming… er… climate change. Boxer, Obama, and a host of others refuse to look at the obvious tampering and manipulation of data to support anthropogenic global warming. When researchers throw away raw data and claim the manipulated or “value added” data is sufficient to prove their research, we have a serious breach in scientific method that any freshman chemistry student knows. Boxer is a danger to the American people and needs to be ejected from office at the earliest possible time. Maybe she’ll be reelected, maybe she won’t. One thing is for sure: the global warming scam is quickly unraveling. Based on my unadjusted opinion, Al “manbearpig” Gore and all his mindless dupes won’t be able to pull it back together again.

Like so many past journalists who have walked the thin line between criminality and reporting, perhaps we owe a little thanks to the hackers who revealed this information. Ultimately, I do think they should be tried and if convicted sentenced to five years of searching for more fraudulent hoaxers and criminal politicians. That would be a real community service!

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