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Has a flicker of light reached Washington?

June 7th, 2010 . by Robert

Has a flicker of light reached Washington or are they starting to feel a little of the heat. It appears that the communitarian insiders have dropped their plans to ram amnesty down our throats. Seems the plan to legalize millions of potential democratic voters with blanket amnesty simply can not be done in time to save the liberal socialists from the tsunami in November.

The growing anger with the apparent disconnect between the Washington insiders and main street America is driving some restraint in government. Large organized groups will take credit for this and claim that their organizing of the Tea Parties is the driving force in this fiscal and legislative restraint. WRONG!!! It is not the organizing by the large politically affiliated groups but the unaccountability of millions of individuals flying under the radar and being un-trackable that scare the insiders. Certainly I won’t discount the assistance and contribution of the large groups in getting publicity but the large groups will never sustain the effort in the long run. Large groups always descend into being politically co-opted fund raising organizations that eventually accomplish little more than maintaining the status quo.

If the Tea Parties are smart they will stay unorganized and avoid like the plague the Palins, Gingrichs, Armys, and both major parties. Individuals if they have the fortitude will register as independent, unaffiliated, or what ever gets them out of a predictable and trackable group. Not knowing and fear of the unknown is what terrifies the communitarians the most. As soon as the Tea Parties are affiliated under one umbrella, their direction, actions, and impact will be predictable. That will in itself render the group useless.

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